Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Claims

Know Your Rights After an Accident with an Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist

If you are involved in a car or motor vehicle accident in Alaska in which the other driver is at fault, typically the other driver's insurance will pay for damage to your vehicle and eventually any injuries that you suffered in the accident. When the other driver does not have insurance, however, or does not have enough insurance to compensate you properly, you must file an uninsured motorist claim against your own auto insurer.

While it may seem better to deal with your own insurance company, since you have been paying premiums on a regular basis and are supposedly a valued customer, you may be surprised by how readily your company will try to lower the amount of money they will pay you. At the Law Offices of Howard J. Meyer, Jr., we represent people who have been injured in auto accidents in Alaska with uninsured and underinsured motorists.

Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Alaska

The number of drivers without proper motor vehicle coverage keeps increasing every year in the United States. The law in Alaska gives auto drivers the ability to purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage of up to $1 million per person that will cover your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses after an accident. This coverage is generally inexpensive and can be critical if you are hit by a driver without insurance.

An underinsured and uninsured motorist policy can also cover you if you are hit by an unknown driver in a hit and run accident or if you are hit as a bicyclist or pedestrian.

Whenever you have been in an accident - whether the other driver has insurance or not - it is important to get the legal help that you need as soon as possible. You need to know what benefits you may be entitled to after an accident and what you need to do to file a claim under your own insurance policy. An experienced lawyer can help you understand your options and deal with your insurance company in a respectful and straightforward manner.

Learn More Information About Your Insurance Policy

Many car insurance policies are confusing and are set up so drivers do not know exactly how much they are eligible to receive after accidents. At the Law Offices of Howard J. Meyer, Jr., we can help you understand your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damage. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case. Call our office at (907) 276-5153 to make an appointment. We serve clients throughout Alaska, including Anchorage, Fairbanks, the Kenai Peninsula, Mat-Su Valley, and Southeast, along with Bush and other remote Alaska communities.


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