Experienced Representation for Commercial Fisherman and Other Maritime Workers in Alaska

People who work on ships in waters around Alaska, including commercial fishing vessels, barges, tugs, as well as oil rigs, face some of the toughest conditions in the world. Maritime accidents occur frequently and cause serious and sometimes even fatal injuries to workers. For seriously injured workers and their families, getting compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses is critical, and having an experienced maritime personal injury lawyer on your side can help you pursue these damages.

At the Law Offices of Howard J. Meyer, Jr. we are committed to providing dedicated representation for the victims of maritime accidents. With more than 25 years of trial experience, we understand how to thoroughly investigate maritime personal injury claims, prepare for court and present cases that our clients can feel confident about. We know that seamen have difficult jobs, and we work hard to protect their rights.

Maritime Accidents and Serious Injuries

Despite state and federal laws that require vessel owners and employers of maritime workers to keep their workplaces safe, maritime accidents still occur in Alaska on a regular basis for a variety of reasons including:

  • Poor communication
  • Insufficient training of employees
  • Undermanning of a vessel
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Defective equipment
  • Explosions and fires
  • Chemical burns and exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Collisions

On land, workers' compensation provides benefits to injured workers - or to the family members of killed workers - through regular payments for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

For maritime workers, the Jones Act, the doctrine of unseaworthiness, and/or general maritime law provide the basis for compensation for seaman and others injured or killed in maritime accidents. Our firm can advise and assist you in obtaining benefits such as maintenance (daily allowance for room and board) and cure (payment of medical expenses), and benefits you may obtain from your employer under the Jones Act and other maritime remedies.

We also can advise and assist seaman, cruise ship passengers and others injured in navigable waters in pursuing third party claims against others who may be responsible for your injuries, including cruise ship companies, rafting businesses, product manufacturers, vendors, contractors and others who are not subject to the Jones Act.

Learn More About Our Representation of Individuals Injured in a Maritime Accident

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in any form of maritime accident, contact us at the Law Offices of Howard J. Meyer, Jr. to discuss your rights. We can pursue compensation for economic losses, including pain and suffering and medical treatment, from those who are responsible. Call (907) 276-5153 to make an appointment or schedule a hospital or home visit. We serve seaman injured throughout Alaska, including Anchorage, the Aleutian Chain, Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak, Prince William Sound and Southeast.


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